Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 8.

Here we meet  again, Monday, my old friend. You know what? Maybe you should come with a blue raincoat on too but some songs are too sacred to have them running around just to entertain our ennui.
To be honest, all this "I hate Monday" hype never really convinced me. Even when I’d had the most difficult Mondays to start with, there’s a limit for every one of us that simply screams “enough is enough” – you  know the moment that  the cute exclamation mark turns into a bored,  half-hearted smilie with a broken heart.
Though I (and all my friends and family too) would sincerely worry if I could rise and shine with a sunny smile every morning..  well, still there are so many shades and colours from black to white. And my blue Monday has exactly the shade of bleu that inspired all those gifted artists and led them to masterpieces, in search of the eternally elusive nuance.

So, with the nice company of those great artists, I made it to the bus stop almost without realizing it. After all, it doesn't take that much thought anymore after all this time. You just know the path by heart.

 And my heart will definitely do a mini pirouette in a few minutes, as I see Tom outside the building. - Hey, were you at the bakery yesterday?  I was practically flying, my sister with her kids had been  waiting, well, long enough (cute smile)  - (giggles – ouch, that silly voice is really me?) Ha ha , ah, time flies by different on Sundays, right.  Well yes, I stopped by, but  didn't even see you. - So, what do they sell. - Eh? Who? (let's hope the hope-it-seems-cute smile does indeed work). – Oh, The Bakery, what's so special about it that earned you so much? --Ahh, I see.. well actually its more like, (giggle-smile alert) everything in there is special. Especially early in the morning, with the freezing cold and that grey fog outside. But i may bring some muffins so you see yourself. - Or even better we visit  during the lunch break  and I catch a glimpse of the Holy Place as well, he smiles as the lift comes. I smile too, thinking that I know my shade of bleu.

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