Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 7.

No bus today! Because today is the most glorious of all the glory days, the epitome of holiday-ing:  It's Sunday, my friends.  Which means, I have a full day dedicated to my warm and cozy nest.  Music, fuzzy socks, gaming as if it were  the 90s and hugs. That would be one of my options, anyway.

Because what I actually do is put my blanket coat on and head straight to the bus stop. Yes, that's right: Today I’m  taking the bus just for the kick of it. You see, life is so much more fun when you just let it be (so). Hating the bus is the obvious thing to do, but why take the fun out of a Sunday’s day out?

So, technicalities never stopped me, darling and they certainly won’t do so now.
Today, I'm the casual passenger, sitting by the window and watching all the familiar places transforming to something different. The busy streets, the stops, the bakery, everything is so calm today. Maybe if I’d take the bus a couple of hours later on weekdays too, that would be my image of the route.

Parallel Universes, in front of my eyes.  Aaand, we're there. Hey, great Sunday morning isn't it? Chatting with the Bakery Lady, who today is someone I don't know (“duh, but of course you wouldn’t know her, because it's a Sunday, lol” - amusing thoughts interfering just to add to my sense of victory today). Oh wait, is that Tom down there? I have to hurry, he’s about  to cross the street. 

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