Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 6.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours.. today it drizzles. I'm not sure which one is worse, but all I needed on a Wednesday morning was to make my poodle-style entrance - oops, wait! Did I just say "Wednesday"?  Yee-haw, guess what: In fact, it is Thursday already!
Now, please, tell me, is there a greater gift, a bigger *et voila* than realizing Friday's one day closer than you’d thought it were?
With my new- found enthusiasm still fueling a huge -even if silly- smile all over me, I make my entrance. Nobody would notice my tres mauvaise hair day, if my inner sparkle can dazzle them, you'd think. And you'd be  - padam-  correct. 

Though I've fought almost stubbornly all my life to prove to the World’s face that my inner sparkle is all I need and, honey, I don’t give a damn if anyone at all is ready to be dazzled -  I mean.. you know how it goes, when you have to explain the joke, all the fun is lost. A girl has to do what a girl has to do but for the right reasons none of which would be begging  for recognition.

Ah, this World is so cold for us enthusiasts, visioners - but the smell of coffee coming from the Office Cafeteria warms it up just fine. Now, a real coffee lover usually feels disdain at the mere thought of such places, and the mere idea they claim to sell *coffee*.
But, having missed  the infamous morning coffee window, I’ll have to make do with the substitute. Hey, Tom, how was the concert last night? No I’m not just asking and Tom already started declaring how much he worships Kate Bush and how superior she is to just everyone else out there, and he could go on like this for hours.
And who cares about the new project and all the greps of the world waiting, so that's just about the point when all the background noise gets lost and all I can hear is this old cassette  playing the Dream Syndicate.  Sweet  Thursday.

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