Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 5.

A holiday. For most people, that is. Not for your supergirl though, who saw the sunrise through - you guessed it- the bus window. So, if you'd ever bother to wonder  just how it feels to have to go to work when everybody else is sleeping, this is how it is: It sucks. Plainly and clearly. 

Nevertheless, being on an empty bus and heading to work on a holiday, makes you innovative, in a way. I mean, you always have to somehow make it feel better.
So this new day finds me thinking that if my life was a movie, it would definitely be an indie production.  Because, let’s face it, few things in and about my life are what you could call mainstream.  Now that I come to think of it, maybe life just leads you where you choose to go.
I mean, it’s not that I hadn’t had the chance to choose between alternatives. In fact, my alternatives where so many that with the years I tend to believe that, generally speaking,  people do have the ability to choose. As in choose a favorite song, a favorite town, friends, and so on. 

And, of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, I somehow ended up in this city , hopping on and off the bus and the subway  every single morning –actually, in the very early, pre-dawn hours of the morning. You know, that magical interval when  you can spend a whole hour gazing the colors of the sky – and no matter how many days and years you see this view, there’s no way  you can really get used to it. It’s poetry. And even more so when you think  that now the city truly belongs to you.  Do you want to see the real face of the city? This is the best of all times to do it.

Armed with my cappuccino, I can smile at the face of this bitterly cold winter morning. Yes, definitely an indie movie.
It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory

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