Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 9.

So, it's back to reality…  or is it? You see, the problem with the World - wait, let's not generalize: with most people. The problem with most people is that they think all they need is a way to escape reality. What they tend to forget though is that reality is what you make it.
Ok, I can see you smile. No, I really don't mean this in this new age- Coelho kind of way.
After all, Tom hates that too. Of course it’s not that I'm one of  those girls that shape their personality so their crush would approve of - hey, wait, did I just say *crush*? No, no, forget that. It's like, you know, it's gotten official. It absolutely  destroys  all the spontaneity.

Anyway, I don't even know how I got lost in my thoughts. Well, you see, that's my reality now.

So I choose happiness, I choose a big, smiling World. And yes, I do see some snowflakes. They never look alike, they're as unique as every one of my morning rides. And that's my reality.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 8.

Here we meet  again, Monday, my old friend. You know what? Maybe you should come with a blue raincoat on too but some songs are too sacred to have them running around just to entertain our ennui.
To be honest, all this "I hate Monday" hype never really convinced me. Even when I’d had the most difficult Mondays to start with, there’s a limit for every one of us that simply screams “enough is enough” – you  know the moment that  the cute exclamation mark turns into a bored,  half-hearted smilie with a broken heart.
Though I (and all my friends and family too) would sincerely worry if I could rise and shine with a sunny smile every morning..  well, still there are so many shades and colours from black to white. And my blue Monday has exactly the shade of bleu that inspired all those gifted artists and led them to masterpieces, in search of the eternally elusive nuance.

So, with the nice company of those great artists, I made it to the bus stop almost without realizing it. After all, it doesn't take that much thought anymore after all this time. You just know the path by heart.

 And my heart will definitely do a mini pirouette in a few minutes, as I see Tom outside the building. - Hey, were you at the bakery yesterday?  I was practically flying, my sister with her kids had been  waiting, well, long enough (cute smile)  - (giggles – ouch, that silly voice is really me?) Ha ha , ah, time flies by different on Sundays, right.  Well yes, I stopped by, but  didn't even see you. - So, what do they sell. - Eh? Who? (let's hope the hope-it-seems-cute smile does indeed work). – Oh, The Bakery, what's so special about it that earned you so much? --Ahh, I see.. well actually its more like, (giggle-smile alert) everything in there is special. Especially early in the morning, with the freezing cold and that grey fog outside. But i may bring some muffins so you see yourself. - Or even better we visit  during the lunch break  and I catch a glimpse of the Holy Place as well, he smiles as the lift comes. I smile too, thinking that I know my shade of bleu.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 7.

No bus today! Because today is the most glorious of all the glory days, the epitome of holiday-ing:  It's Sunday, my friends.  Which means, I have a full day dedicated to my warm and cozy nest.  Music, fuzzy socks, gaming as if it were  the 90s and hugs. That would be one of my options, anyway.

Because what I actually do is put my blanket coat on and head straight to the bus stop. Yes, that's right: Today I’m  taking the bus just for the kick of it. You see, life is so much more fun when you just let it be (so). Hating the bus is the obvious thing to do, but why take the fun out of a Sunday’s day out?

So, technicalities never stopped me, darling and they certainly won’t do so now.
Today, I'm the casual passenger, sitting by the window and watching all the familiar places transforming to something different. The busy streets, the stops, the bakery, everything is so calm today. Maybe if I’d take the bus a couple of hours later on weekdays too, that would be my image of the route.

Parallel Universes, in front of my eyes.  Aaand, we're there. Hey, great Sunday morning isn't it? Chatting with the Bakery Lady, who today is someone I don't know (“duh, but of course you wouldn’t know her, because it's a Sunday, lol” - amusing thoughts interfering just to add to my sense of victory today). Oh wait, is that Tom down there? I have to hurry, he’s about  to cross the street. 

Day 6.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours.. today it drizzles. I'm not sure which one is worse, but all I needed on a Wednesday morning was to make my poodle-style entrance - oops, wait! Did I just say "Wednesday"?  Yee-haw, guess what: In fact, it is Thursday already!
Now, please, tell me, is there a greater gift, a bigger *et voila* than realizing Friday's one day closer than you’d thought it were?
With my new- found enthusiasm still fueling a huge -even if silly- smile all over me, I make my entrance. Nobody would notice my tres mauvaise hair day, if my inner sparkle can dazzle them, you'd think. And you'd be  - padam-  correct. 

Though I've fought almost stubbornly all my life to prove to the World’s face that my inner sparkle is all I need and, honey, I don’t give a damn if anyone at all is ready to be dazzled -  I mean.. you know how it goes, when you have to explain the joke, all the fun is lost. A girl has to do what a girl has to do but for the right reasons none of which would be begging  for recognition.

Ah, this World is so cold for us enthusiasts, visioners - but the smell of coffee coming from the Office Cafeteria warms it up just fine. Now, a real coffee lover usually feels disdain at the mere thought of such places, and the mere idea they claim to sell *coffee*.
But, having missed  the infamous morning coffee window, I’ll have to make do with the substitute. Hey, Tom, how was the concert last night? No I’m not just asking and Tom already started declaring how much he worships Kate Bush and how superior she is to just everyone else out there, and he could go on like this for hours.
And who cares about the new project and all the greps of the world waiting, so that's just about the point when all the background noise gets lost and all I can hear is this old cassette  playing the Dream Syndicate.  Sweet  Thursday.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 5.

A holiday. For most people, that is. Not for your supergirl though, who saw the sunrise through - you guessed it- the bus window. So, if you'd ever bother to wonder  just how it feels to have to go to work when everybody else is sleeping, this is how it is: It sucks. Plainly and clearly. 

Nevertheless, being on an empty bus and heading to work on a holiday, makes you innovative, in a way. I mean, you always have to somehow make it feel better.
So this new day finds me thinking that if my life was a movie, it would definitely be an indie production.  Because, let’s face it, few things in and about my life are what you could call mainstream.  Now that I come to think of it, maybe life just leads you where you choose to go.
I mean, it’s not that I hadn’t had the chance to choose between alternatives. In fact, my alternatives where so many that with the years I tend to believe that, generally speaking,  people do have the ability to choose. As in choose a favorite song, a favorite town, friends, and so on. 

And, of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, I somehow ended up in this city , hopping on and off the bus and the subway  every single morning –actually, in the very early, pre-dawn hours of the morning. You know, that magical interval when  you can spend a whole hour gazing the colors of the sky – and no matter how many days and years you see this view, there’s no way  you can really get used to it. It’s poetry. And even more so when you think  that now the city truly belongs to you.  Do you want to see the real face of the city? This is the best of all times to do it.

Armed with my cappuccino, I can smile at the face of this bitterly cold winter morning. Yes, definitely an indie movie.
It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory