Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 2.

Tuesday. The day you realize the week’s just started.  The freshness of the weekend has long disappeared, while the promise of Friday is still so vague.  Everything seems to take ages.  
No need to worry: my phone is at 100% and I can get  lost in my music. Or lost and found.

Ok. Are we really still here? It seems like forever since I took this bus and it’s been only four stops.  And exactly this is one of the moments that require all the zen you can find, and even more.
I mean, when  you  realize there are some 15 more stops until you get the next bus . 

But the survive-the-day instinct proves stronger than the mini panic attack. Or it’s just all those years of experience, that can be summed up in a song:  You can’t hurry love  - or the bus, or anything at all, as a matter of fact. Things just happen, well, when they happen.
So I return back to my music. Hm.. Phil Collins, did you say? Maybe I should find a few “best of the 80s” podcasts. Or, even better:  ”Forgotten and hidden gems of the 80s”. Underrated songs of an overrated decade. 
Whatever,  Cock Robin are next.  Just Around the Corner.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 1.

It's early Monday morning, and October just decided to make its presence clear. Of course, it could easily be any morning of the week but let's be honest:  who can resist the symbolism of the collective Mondays of this world? Not me, anyway, and as a matter of fact this is a great chance to defend Mondays.

Yes, it's hard to face the start of the new mini - Marathon series(x5). Just a few hours ago, the day was yours, and now.. but exactly this "just a few hours ago" describes Monday best. There is an essence of naiveness in the air, a somehow-still-here reminding of the weekend's presence.
Oh, just, great: "Low Battery".  

So long naiveness, welcome noise. In a desperate attempt to evade *the Environment* I am lowering the volume as much as possible while I can still pretend I can hear the music.
This is only one of my survival techniques, a  weapon in the kit of an experienced commuter that bravely faces the challenges of everyday.. aaand  time to get off the bus. If I have calculated everything correctly, I'm just in time for the ten minutes window to grab my pretzel and cappuccino before I take the next bus.
Hey, wait, did I really leave my umbrella home? So, October is making its presence clear. 
Don't let October change your smile, like Ally would say.